Saturday, March 14, 2015

LUNA Auctions


SL Harbor La Luna bay City's
LUNA Auctions:

Holds no Rights or Claims to the items/Objects being put on Auctions
And takes "NO Responsibility" in any Claims or Ls Transactions or Scrip failure due to SL Lag or Crashes or inventory loss
All Responsibility lays with the owner of the LUNA Auctions box a costumer have bet on And the Costumer them selves.

If u as Bidder have been Cheated u need to send a Complaint to LL with the Full Name of the AVI.

if u can prove to us that the AVI has cheated you or we get more reports of this AVI we will of course Ban this AVI from SL Harbor La Luna bay City's SIM

Any form of rude Behavior will not be Tolerated in LUNA and will after warning get you band

So please have fun and leave the Drama at home ty ;D

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