Saturday, March 14, 2015


Take the ( LUNA auctions Box and the Notecard it gives you when you Click the Display )
home or to a Sandbox here you rez them and then rez what you want to sell and take a
nice Photo of it :) and put it on the Notecard giver displays :)
this is a must if you wont people to actually bet on u,r stuff ;)
then you read in the Notecard DEMO you got
in it you Describe your stuff 
and make sure the Notecard is Copy and Transferable
then you put it in the Notecard giver.

"the items that you are selling must be Transferable or it wont work"

put the item your selling in the LUNA auctions Box
when you are done, you take it all back into inventory.

now you are ready to rent a spot in LUNA Auctions Warehouse :)
find a nice place and contact  LULU ( lulu6kat )
please send a IM and Notecard if shes not on :)
when you have gotten the Group tag you can Rez :)
rez the Notecard giver with your Product Photo on first and place it in front of the Display

then you rez The LUNA auctions Box in-front of Display like shown on the instructions-Photo ;)

make sure to click Accept to the Ls Transfer when you Rez the LUNA auctions Box or
it wont work :)

Place the LUNA auctions Box like you see on the Photo :)

When you have done that you set the starting Bit in the Description field off the LUNA auctions Box :) tape in the Ls amount you want it to be.
Remember don't set the Ls Price to high or you wont get any bids if people can get it cheaper new ;)

The 6 days weal star wen sum-on bits on your stuff.

The way it works is you get the Ls anytime some-one bids on the LUNA auctions Box
when some one bids higher Ls to  the LUNA auctions Box, it gives the Ls you got from the last Bidder back :) so the next 6 days you need to keep a eye on the Ls u git and have :) in other words make sure u have the Ls amount on you from the last bid, on your stuff :)

Then you come back at the end of the week and see who has gotten it and make sure they been to collect it
if not IM and send a Notecard to the AVI who's the winner, he/she must come click the box to get it.
if you can't get a hold of him/her,
then contact  LULU ( lulu6kat )
( please send a IM and Notecard if shes not on )
 just leave the box until the person has gotten there stuff :D

ok good luck to you :D

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